To ensure our candles burn the best of their ability, we have a few handy tips…  

Our candles have a very good memory! When lighting your candle for the very first time, make sure you allow it to burn long enough to create a wax pool across the diameter of the candle surface. By allowing this to happen, the candle will remember to burn to the edges every time and will eliminate the chances of tunnels forming, creating an even burn as well as maximising the fragrance throw.

To make sure your candle lives up to its burn time, burn for 1-2 hours, not exceeding 4 hours at any time- Our candles not only have a great hot throw, but an incredible cold throw too, which means your candle does not need to be lit for their scent to fill any space.

It is also important to make sure you trim the wick/s to approximately 5mm before re-lighting your candle. This will ensure that your candle is long lasting. When burning your candle, make sure there are no drafts or wind, and store your candle away from any direct sunlight. For double wicked candles, ensure to light both wicks and use the lid to put out the flame to avoid smoking of the wick.

Do not continue to burn your candle when there is below 5mm in the bottom of the jar- if ignored, the heat can cause the jar to crack, break or even shatter.

Please keep in mind that every candle is hand poured and made from natural products. Sixth Avenue & Co go above and beyond to ensure consistency, however, each candle can differ slightly, adding unique qualities.